Earth Day Nature Collage

There is so much beauty in nature. Some of my favorite crafts are made with fallen leaves, acorns, pinecones, and other found treasures. This project is particularly great for Earth Day, because instead of removing items from nature, you're just rearranging what's already there. There's so much room for creativity. The collage you make is temporary, so be sure to take a photo!

Earth Day Nature Collage


  • leaves, rocks, and other natural materials already on the ground*


Clear a place in the dirt for your collage. I used a place along our fence that has fallen leaves from the neighbor's tree. I pushed them aside to expose a heart-shaped workspace. 

It's easiest to center your project by starting with the R. I made mine out of small rocks. I picked the lightest colored ones I could find so they would contrast with the dirt. I made the A and T next. Then I added the E and the H. Finally, I outlined the shape of the heart with the yellowest of the fallen leaves. 

Don't forget to take a photo! 

*I picked the dandelions (which I was harvesting for Trouble, who LOVES them); everything was already on the ground. 


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