100 Places You Need to Visit Before You Die (United States)

I recently watched a video entitled 100 Places You Need to Visit Before You Die (United States) by The World According to Briggs. I've enjoyed many of Briggs' videos, but this was the first one where I felt compelled to respond. Overall, I found his list of 100 places to visit in the US to be pretty solid. Many of the destinations you'd expect are there, like the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, Pearl Harbor, and Yosemite. Others are more unexpected. 

I haven't been everywhere in the United States, of course - as of now, May 2022, there are 10 states I haven't visited at all. As for the states I have visited, there are many notable locations I've missed. I haven't even seen everything in my own state of California. So there are plenty of spots on Briggs' list that I can't fairly judge as to whether they belong there or not. For that reason, I'm not going to comment on those. Instead, I'll focus on three categories: 1) items on his list that I agree belong on a Top 100; 2) items on his list that I disagree that belong on a Top 100; and 3) items not on his list that should be on a Top 100. 

In a few cases, I've tweaked Briggs' items, like adding the entire Freedom Trail to his mention of Boston Common. For any places that I've blogged about, I've added the link so you can read about my experiences. Some I visited before I started blogging, or visited more recently and didn't mention them on my blog for some reason. 


Briggs and I Agree: Places that You Definitely Need to Visit Before You Die

Briggs and I Disagree: Not on My Top 100 List (But Still Fun)

  • Winchester Mystery House
  • Art Institute of Chicago
  • Highway 101
  • Grand Central Terminal NY
  • Pike Place Market Seattle

Briggs and I Disagree: Not on My Top 100 List (Eww)

  • Seattle's Gum Wall

Like I said, there are a lot of items on Briggs' list that I haven't visited. Many of them are on my to-do list. Watch his video to see his top 100 and hear his explanations. 


Tomorrow I'll share my ideas for what wasn't on Briggs' list but should be. 

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  1. You have a big country to explore. I probably won't see most of the places on the list. I've only been to 4 states officially. ;)


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