Trevor's Travel Binder, Part 1

What a week it's been! We came home from our 16-day trip to eastern Canada and New England on Sunday 10/12 and have spent the whole week juggling the normal post-vacation stuff (laundry, bills, neglected work, etc) with Trevor's Independent Study assignment. He finished his 49-page travel binder, then I helped him prepare a one-hour presentation (!) that he is giving to his class today. It's been a lot of fun, but really intense.

Here is the first part of Trevor's Travel Binder, starting with the cover:

Each evening, Trevor wrote a summary of the day's activities. On Saturday 9/27, we flew from San Francisco to Toronto, then took a taxi to our hotel. Trevor's summary mentions that the hotel was not expecting us, but it does not mention that the hotel was already completely full even though we were holding papers in our hands confirming our stay. They ended up letting us sleep on cots in their boardroom. Not ideal.

Part of Trevor's assignment was to conduct interviews of his traveling companions each day of the trip. The Question of the Day for 9/27 was "What are you looking forward to?" It was really interesting to hear each person's answers.

On Sunday 9/28, we took a hop-on-hop-off bus tour of Toronto. It was fantastic. Toronto was safe, clean, friendly, interesting, beautiful, and child-friendly. We could easily have spent a week there.

The Question of the Day asked "What did you like in Toronto?"

On Monday 9/29, we took a bus tour to Niagara Falls with stops at some interesting places along the way. The highlight of the day was taking a Hornblower Cruise right up to the falls. It was incredible.

The Question of the Day was "Describe Niagara Falls in one word."

I'll share the next part of Trevor's Travel Binder tomorrow.


  1. Such an amazing book he created! I love it!!!!!!!

  2. Trevor is so smart and creative. I love his binder. I imagine his memories of the trip will be stronger because he paid such close attention and documented everything. The binder is a great keepsake too. Terrific work, Trevor.

  3. I agree with Izzy about him remembering the trip better because he was actively documenting it the whole way. This is awesome! It's also wonderful that Trevor is outgoing, since so many people are terrified of public speaking. An hour-long presentation can be a long one for an adult, I can only imagine what it was like for him! It's a good thing he likes to be prepared!! I bet he did an amazing job, especially since he's so comfortable being a showman! :)

    1. I would NEVER describe Trevor as outgoing, but he is comfortable speaking in front of a group. He did an outstanding job presenting to his classmates.

  4. So cool that he made this book and did a presentation for his class!! What an amazing experience!! :)


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