Colored Pencil Magazine's White to Bright Challenge - Winners!

I updated my post about entering my first-ever colored pencil contest with the (shocking) news that I got Honorable Mention in the Beginner category, but seeing it in print in the May issue of Colored Pencil Magazine (affiliate link) was thrilling. Check it out: 

I love seeing all the winners together like this. I'm so impressed with the skill of the winners, particularly Mario Gonzalez, who placed first in the Advanced category. It's stunning. I have a lot to learn. 

In case you haven't guessed, I now have a subscription to Colored Pencil Magazine. I also bought some very inexpensive back issues and have been savoring them; even though they're old, it's all new to me! The May issue has a new contest in it, the Wild Cat Art Challenge. I intend to enter, but I'm super intimidated. I have drawn a wild cat only once in my life and frankly, it's pretty bad. But no matter. Attempting it will teach me a lot, even if my end result is not all that great. And I might surprise myself and do better than I expect. I certainly did with the White to Bright Challenge!

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