More Craft Roundups: Butterflies, Pasta, and Rice

As promised, the next craft roundup I made after the previous batch was butterflies. We have over 100 butterfly craft tutorials at Fun Family Crafts, seven of which are mine. I chose my pretzel monarch butterfly cupcake toppers for the graphic. It's one of three edible crafts I featured, along with two that are wearable, and five that are decorative.

The next roundup I made is Pasta Crafts. None of the featured projects are mine; I've never made a craft from pasta. Well, not never. My mom has a few macaroni treasures from my very young years. But I haven't crafted with pasta since starting the blog. Now that I realized that, I'll be sharing a pasta craft soon.  

Finally, rice crafts for kids. Unlike pasta, I've made a lot of rice crafts... and even more Rice Krispie treat crafts! Five of the featured crafts use plain rice, while the other five are made with Rice Krispies. One of the projects is mine.  

Putting these together is so much fun! Not only do I love making the graphics, but seeing such a wide variety of crafts within a certain topic is very inspiring to me. 

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