KidzArt, Part 3

More projects from my time as a KidzArt instructor! First up is this grasshopper, which we drew on folia paper. This wasn't one of my favorites to teach because it was so technical and precise and I didn't get to see much of the kids' creativity.

Constrast that with this! We used Prismacolor art markers to create our own UFO factory. It was so fun seeing what all the kids dreamed up. Here's mine:

This snow leopard was another very challenging project. We used white, blue and pink chalk on black velvet.  

We used a lot of interesting materials as backgrounds. This lobster is done in oil pastels on a large piece of sandpaper. 

More KidzArt projects tomorrow!


  1. Wow ... these are great!!! That one with the velvet even SOUNDS hard!!!!!

  2. Wow! These are so cool! I love learning about all these different mediums! :)

  3. Hi Cindy! WOW! I absolutely love all of these projects. And the different background look like fun, but challenging, mediums to draw and paint on. I love your leopard and lobster, and your grasshopper. But I have to agree with you - the UFO factory is my favorite because you can showcase your creativity! Thanks for sharing these, my friend!

  4. Love the lobster (I am so partial)!! ;) lol


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