Tacoma and Olympia

Tacoma and Olympia (affiliate link)

While I usually make an effort to balance the photos I put on a layout to represent everything we did, that's not the case this time. I included three photos from the Museum of Glass, two from the Capitol, two pieces of public art, and Zeek's Pizza. Other than making sure each of us were in a photo (exactly once each!) I chose the photos for their colors and shapes. I love the orange Tacoma sign in the background; it and the glass artwork and the fires in the Hot Shop inspired the main colors of the page. The curving denim artwork leads the eye to the title, as does the Native statue and the dome on the Capitol. 

I made sure the things we did that aren't pictured (Washington State History Museum, Tinkertopia, Tacoma Art Museum) on the page are included in the journaling. We really enjoyed each of them. 

I'm really happy with this page. 

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