$1000 Art Supply Shopping Spree

In a recent video, Sarah Renee Clark spent $1000 on art supplies on Amazon following two rules: 
  • Don't purchase anything you already own
  • Each item needs to be a higher price than the item before it

It is a really interesting concept and super fun to see what she chose. Toward the end, she did "a cheeky little bit of maths" to make sure she bought the expensive things in the right order, which was a good way to get around the second rule. Sarah's video got me thinking about what I would choose, so I decided to do my own version of the challenge, with a few tweaks:
  • I can choose items in any order I want, but the total must be under $1000. (Sarah went over a bit). 
  • I'm not going to actually purchase the items. (Sarah had a sponsor, but I don't. Yet. I'm accepting applications, lol.)
  • I can't buy something I already own, but I can buy a larger set of something I have. 

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$1000 Art Supply Shopping Spree

I'm going to start with the big ticket items I want most: larger sets of the things I love the most. My first purchases are Prismacolor art markers, Prismacolor colored pencils, and Caran d'Ache Pablos in the largest sets I can find. After these large purchases, I have $476.64 remaining. 

I'm choosing my next items with the goal of trying them to address the problems I had with coloring a background for Sock Lion: Derwent Inktense, Gamsol, and Pan Pastels. I'm down to $278.91.

I've been wanting a stamping platform for awhile. I don't do a lot of stamping because I'm not good at getting clean images. So the Mini MISTI is my next purchase. I love WRMK tools, so next I'm choosing this versatile punch. And then some precision tip glue bottles. $177.39 left. 

Next, some items I've been wanting to play with for awhile: Pebeo Drawing Gum, rectangular silicone molds, and Faber-Castell's Perfection Eraser. I still have $155.32 left. 

I always need journaling pens and these Illustration Markers look awesome. With all the colored pencils and markers on my list, I want to try them on paper specifically made for each medium. So I'm going to try Strathmore Colored Pencil Paper and Strathmore Marker Paper. I have $119.53 remaining. 

I have to pause for a moment to say that I'm finding this shopping spree surprisingly challenging. Unlike in a brick and mortal store where I'd stroll up and down each aisle throwing dozens of things into my cart, it's much different shopping online. I have to know what I want in order to buy it. It's really unlikely that I'm going to stumble on something I didn't know existed, like I would in person. Amazon is not great for choosing open stock items, nor can I find much from my favorite paper crafting brands. Scrapbook.com is a much better choice for that. 

With one exception: Miss Kate Cuttables. I've ordered their stuff from Amazon before and it is really high quality. I think I'll pick up some themed die-cuts! But which to choose? I already have (and love) this travel set and this birthday set. I'll add a different birthday set and some fall die-cuts. And then some foam bunnies. Now I have $93.56 left. 

Now, what new Wilton goodies I can find? Edible glue?! Into the cart! Storing it will be a nuisance, but I can think of a lot of times I could use this Really Big Spatula. Oooh, edible paper! That sounds like fun. $70.81 to go. 

A lot of colored pencil artists rave about Posca Paint Pens, particularly for adding highlights. I'm adding a set of three sizes of white paint pens to my list. And I can always use word stickers for scrapbooking, so I grabbed these Tim Holtz word stickers and these by Fainne. We're getting close. Only $40.63 to go. 

Do I need a ruling pen for masking fluid? No. I barely know what it is. But would I enjoy playing with it? Probably. Into the cart! Ooh, and I remember trying linoleum carving once when I was like 12. That would be fun to do again. I'll get this starter kit! And one final purchase... edible pearl dust! Because, why not? It fits my budget, with $0.81 left. 


That was a lot of fun and way harder than I thought it would be! Spending imaginary money shouldn't be that hard, but I tried to put a lot of thought into it. I'm already questioning a few of my more random purchases, but part of the fun of a shopping spree is getting stuff you aren't sure about. 

Does anything on my list interest or surprise you? Anything I should have gotten instead? What would you buy? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Ooooh...how fun! Fantasy art supply shopping! I might do one and put it up on my blog.*winks*


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