30 Days of Drawing Food, Year 2 Part 1

Last summer, I did a 30-day drawing challenge and picked food as my topic. It was a great creative exercise and I learned a lot in the process, so I put it on my list of creative resolutions for 2022. My intention was to do 30 consecutive days, but for a number of reasons that didn't work out. I did ten days in a row before life got in the way. I'll do the other twenty days (hopefully consecutively) eventually, but I wanted to share what I've made so far. 

All of my drawings, done while traveling, were made with the same set of student-grade 24 colored pencils. Back when I got them, I'd liked them, but now that I've jumped into the world of artist-quality colored pencils, I found them very frustrating and limiting. That's the danger of using nicer things - it's painful to return to cheaper stuff!

These are my favorites from my first 10 drawings:   

The question is whether to continue using the lower-quality pencils for the rest of the challenge vs. using my nicer pencils (or even other media). A great artist can make works of art from the cheapest of supplies, but that is not me. I am still a colored pencil beginner and need all the help I can get from the materials. 

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  1. Use the artist-grade supplies. Once you've mastered the art, you can make any supplies work for you.


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