California Raptor Center

Back in April, Trevor completed his Eagle Scout project at the California Raptor Center. My parents, sister, and niece were coming to California in June and we'd made plans to take them to the CRC so that they could see Trevor's project in person. My parents had to cancel their trip due to my dad's health (he's doing very well now), but Kari and Allison still met Trevor and me for a field trip to see the raptors.  

CRC (affiliate link)

It was really fun to show off Trevor's project and introduce Kari and Allison to "their" bird, Grasshopper. (Extra money Trevor raised for his project that wasn't spent on materials went to adopting raptors in the names of the donors.) It was a very hot day when we visited, so we got to see the staff use the hose to spray each bird to cool them down. It was neat to see how differently the individuals reacted to the water - which birds came running / flying toward it, which were cautious, and which kept their distance. 

While the CRC does have resident owls, they are usually sleeping when the Center is open. I've gotten to know the hawks, eagles, kestrels, and vultures there much better than the sleepy owls. Still, this layout was be a great opportunity to use my owl patterned paper and document Kari and Allison's visit. 

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  1. That owl paper is perfect for this layout! Looks awesome! :)


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