A Big Step Toward Adulting

Trevor has had a savings account since he was a baby (in addition to the college savings account we have for him), but we recently switched his account over to a new one that allows him to do online banking, use an ATM, write checks, do mobile deposits, and have his own debit card. Of course, I documented this big step toward adulting. 

Trevor is very careful with his money (and with everything else) so we have no worries about that. In the three months since he's had his debit card, he has used it three times (for a total of less than $20) to buy himself treats at school. I know he's going to continue to make good choices as he crosses into legal adulthood in 18 months. 


  1. I left a comment for this layout on SB.com before I rekindled my blog! 😉

  2. Definitely a moment that needs to be documented. :)


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