The Amazing Art of Gwyn Pevonka

One of my favorite Christmas presents this year came from my Aunt Vickie. It's an original artwork from the contemporary painter Gwyn Pevonka entitled "Washington Skies."  

To best understand it, you need to see the side view. 

Pevonka's process begins with painting one layer a day onto a canvas for 20+ consecutive days. Then she carves into the surface to reveal the layers beneath, kind of like the hand-caved candles I was obsessed with as a kid. For some of her pieces, the process stops here. But for others, including the one I now own, she adds those carved bits to the canvas and uses them to make what she calls Acrylic Assemblages. It's a fascinating process. 

I very much enjoyed looking through Pevonka's portfolio to see her range of work. I particularly love her animals, especially this hummingbird. 

Last year, I started a series where I made my own paintings inspired by contemporary artists, including Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Deb Weiers. I've been thinking about ways to create something inspired by Gwyn Pevonka and have a few ideas I'll be trying out. Stay tuned!

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