Weekend Getaway to San Francisco and San Jose

In February 2022, Trevor had a Scout training over a 3-day weekend. We had to drop him off near Berkeley early on a Saturday morning and pick him up in the late afternoon on Monday. We decided to use the time for a much-needed couples' getaway. We spent the rest of Saturday in San Francisco, had dinner in San Mateo, then spent two full days in San Jose before it was time to pick up Trevor. Steve and I had a wonderful time together. 
Speaking of Steve, today is his birthday! Happy birthday, Steve. I'm so excited to celebrate with you. 


  1. This layout is seriously fabulous! The shaped backdrops of your title and journaling are so fun and the colors just pop! Haven't been to SF since before COVID; need to get back there! Happy B-day, Steve! :)

    1. Let me know when you come. I'd love to meet up for lunch or something!

  2. Lovely composition! Looks fabulous! Happy birthday to Steve!


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