Thank You Cards Using Uhuhu Kaala Markers (Basic Tones)

For our Christmas thank-you notes, I nixed the traditional color palette and made all my cards using the Kaala 24-Marker Basic Set by Ohuhu. My goal was to dive into the set and test out all of the colors and see how they worked together. 

I already knew I love Ohuhu's Kaala series; that was clear from the the first time I tried them. The double-ended markers are comfortable in my hand, easy to use, and have a great ink flow. The broad end covers large areas quickly, while the fine tip is great for getting into small spaces. It's also perfect for adding doodled patterns. 

To make my cards, I started by creating a really simple card front design using PicMonkey - just outlined text and horizontal lines above and below. I fit four card fronts onto an 11.5x8" page and printed it onto Neenah Vellum Bristol (affiliate link here and below).   

Time to color!

Keeping the text and horizontal lines white, I started adding diagonal bands of color to each of the cards. Other than the rainbow, I didn't plan my colors out ahead of time. They're designed to go together and they definitely do. Check out these fabulous colors!

Once I finished coloring the backgrounds, I used neutrals to add doodled patterns to each band of color. Some sections look better than others, but I like the results overall. The final step in making my cards was to cut the card front apart, then adhere them to white card bases. Homemade thank-you cards, ready to go!

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