19th Anniversary in Grass Valley, CA

Look at me, scrapping our 19th anniversary trip just a few weeks after it happened! We'll ignore the fact that I have plenty of un-scrapped trips from 2022. 

19th Anniversary (affiliate link)

As expected, I got out the punches for this layout. I used a circle punch for the title and two scalloped circles to make the visual triangle. Yea - my first BASH-O for 2023!

I have a little bit of time left before BASH-O ends, so I'm going to keep going and hopefully finish three more pages in order to get a second BASH-O. My choices are: travel, stars, and circles; or family, acrylic paint, and wanderlust. I don't know how wanderlust differs from travel in terms of a scrapbook page. Maybe scrapping about where you want to go instead of where you've been? I'm not sure. Maybe I should just go for the travel, stars, and circles. 

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