Patriotic Craft Stick Flag Drink Coaster

It's Flag Day here in the United States. The Second Continental Congress passed the Flag Resolution on June 14, 1777, giving us a flag with thirteen alternating red and white stripes and thirteen white stars in a field of blue. It's changed 26 times since then. Our current 50-star version, adopted in 1960, is the 27th official US flag and the longest-used version. 

In honor of Flag Day, I created a cute flag drink coaster, perfect for Independence Day or other patriotic parties. The flag isn't accurate, as it is missing 6 stripes and 32 stars. If you're looking for an accurate flag craft, you can find some on my Patriotic Crafts page. Affiliate links below. 

Patriotic Craft Stick Flag Coaster



Paint the craft sticks. One will be entirely white and two are 2/3 white. Two are entirely red and two are 2/3 red. The four partially painted craft sticks are 1/3 blue. Let the paint dry completely, then seal the sticks with Outdoor Mod Podge. 

Glue small rhinestones to the blue portions of the sticks. I used five on the blue/red sticks and four on the blue/white sticks. 

Arrange three mini craft sticks vertically on your work surface and add glue. One by one, transfer the painted craft sticks onto this base. 

That's all there is to it. Enjoy your patriotic drink coasters!

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