Alaska 2022: Surprise! There's a Second Page

You knew there was no way I'd make a layout about our Alaskan cruise and not include at least one photo of each family member, right? While I did make the left side the same way I'd make a stand-alone page, I knew I would be making a companion page immediately afterward using the same papers. Here are the two sides together.

Alaska 2022 (affiliate link)

It was a real challenge for me to design this 2-pager as two single pagers. I've never done that before. I think they each look better with the other, which is how they'll be in the album. The right side counts for the Travel square on my card, which means I've completed a second BASH-O!

I can't finish three more layouts before June ends, so I'm finishing BASH-O 2023 with two prize entries. I'm really happy with the pages I made and had a lot of fun. 

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