Behind the Wheel

Trevor had his very first driving lesson in February. Of course, I had to document the first time he climbed into the driver's seat! That's the photo on the top right. We did our lesson through Coastline Academy and were very happy with our instructor, Junelle. (If you're looking for driver training, feel free to use my referral code! (#GGCMAGINF2)

After that 2-hour lesson, it was my job to take Trevor out for daily practice. I was not adequately prepared for getting into a car driven by someone with exactly two hours of time behind the wheel. Yikes! Trevor has always been extremely cautious and fortunately that has been the case with driving. With my encouragement, he has improved quickly during our practice sessions. Eventually I was able to snap a photo of him driving from my perspective in the passenger seat, which is the photo on the bottom left. 

Behind the Wheel (affiliate link)

I was so happy to find this road paper by Paper House Productions. Since both of my photos are pointing inward, it looks like traffic on two sides of the double yellow. I'm pleased with how the title came out; I think this is the first time I've done a round title. Did you notice that the circles on my title and journaling blocks line up with the circle of the tire and the steering wheel in the photos? I find that very satisfying. And it sure was nice of Trevor to wear blue in both pictures, as it goes nicely with his instructor's blue vehicle! This was a really fun layout to make. 

I'm counting this for Circles on my BASH-O card

Will my next page be travel or stars? I don't know yet, but it will definitely be one of those!


  1. Cool...love the colors here!

  2. I think riding in the car counts as travel.

    1. I agree, but each layout can only go in one square.


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