Camp Wente

This is a year of lasts for Trevor. Not only will he graduate from high school in June, he will age out of his Scout troop the following day. After so many years of Scouting, it's a bit strange to be doing his last popcorn fundraiser, going on his last outings, and earning his last merit badges. This summer, he attended his last Scout summer camp.  

Camp Wente (affiliate link)

As a youth, that is. When he ages out, Trevor will register as Scouter Reserve and continue to participate with the troop in an adult role. He will be attending one of BSA's four High Adventure camps, Northern Tier, just two weeks after his 18th birthday. He hopes to continue to participate at least semi-regularly during college. 

 So while Trevor may go to Scout summer camp again sometime in the future, this was his last as a youth. I'm glad to have it documented in the scrapbook. 

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