DIY Reverse Coloring Book Pages

Are you familiar with reverse coloring books? A normal coloring book provides the lines and you color it in, while a reverse coloring book provides color and you add the lines. They burst onto the scene a couple of years ago and have grown in popularity. You can find reverse coloring books with all sorts of themes, colors, and moods. Affiliate links below. 

Reverse coloring books are great for sparking creativity. They make a fun gift for kids or adults. I made a DIY version to take along during my craft retreat with Jonna this past weekend. The day before we left, I painted this in my sketchbook:

No plan, no goal, just blobs of color in an interesting arrangement. I flopped on the couch in our hotel room, took a few minutes to figure out what I saw on each page, and then started drawing with a black Flair pen. Take a minute to decide what you would draw, then scroll down to see mine. 




I made a basket of fruit and a scene of wildflowers. 

This was such a fun activity and something I definitely want to do again! I could see pre-painting a stack of these for early finishers to do in the classroom. They'd also be a fun waiting room or restaurant activity for kids. Since the color is already there, you only need to bring a single pen. Lots of possibilities!

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