Happy Birthday, Brayden! - Birthday Gifts for a Rabbit

Brayden has been a member of our household for 7 weeks now. It's been wonderful having a rabbit in the house again. Brayden is such a sweet boy - happy, playful, and so cute. He's overcome a lot of the initial apprehension he had and confidently checks out new things. His curiosity is much greater than his caution now that he knows our house is a safe place. He races up and down the stairs like a white blur many times a day. It's hard to believe a month ago he didn't know how to use stairs. He's incredibly persistent and works at solving problems (like how to get into forbidden places) with a dedication commonly seen in rabbits but rarely in humans. 

Today is Brayden's first birthday. 

Brayden isn't technically a deRosier, but that's not going to stop us from celebrating. (We are fostering him, but are open to the possibility of adopting if the right family doesn't come along). I thought it would be fun to share some gift ideas for the rabbit in your life. Rabbits are pretty easy to buy for: they love treats, toys that dispense treats, and places where they can run and hide while they eat treats. Affiliate links below. 


Gift Ideas for Rabbits

Healthy Snackers: Every bunny I've met loves them. They come in a variety of tasty flavors. (If you prefer to make your own treats, try Bunny Biscuits.)

Belinda's Blend: Belinda is my favorite blogger (no offense to all of you human bloggers I follow) and her blend is a huge hit with buns. 

Sampler Hay: Approximately 85% of a rabbit's diet should be hay. Give your rabbit a buffet of hay choices - it's so fun to see which are their favorites. 

Loops: Rabbits go crazy for loops. They make a great gift. 

Treat Dispenser Ball: Brayden is obsessed with this ball. Trouble liked it too. The more the rabbit plays with it (a great form of exercise and mental stimulation), the more pellets he gets!

Tunnels and Tubes: Rabbits love to play in tunnels and tubes that mimic the warrens where their wild cousins live. 

Stacking Cups: Rabbits love stacking cups. They're not great at stacking them, but Trouble could successfully nest them. He also loved to throw them and knock down towers. Bonus points if you put a small treat in each cup in the stack before giving it to your rabbit. 

Cottontail Cottage / Maze Haven: We have the Cottontail Cottage. Friends have the Maze Haven. Both are from BinkyBunny, which makes great stuff that rabbits love. 


I hope that gives you some ideas for the lagomorph in your life. Happy birthday, Brayden! We're so glad you're here. 

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