Family Camp 2023

Back in March, Trevor's Scout troop had a weekend campout for families. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun too. I could have done without the heavy rain starting Saturday night, but I'm thankful for a dry Friday night and Saturday. 

Family Camp (affiliate link)

Between us, Steve and I took a ton of photos (no surprise). I wanted to include as many as possible on this layout. I think 11 is pretty good! Together, they tell much of the story of the weekend. You can see our troop flag and sign, plus some of the boys' tents, the creek (flowing much higher than the last time we camped at that location!), me serving Sunday breakfast under the pop-up tent, a good-sized banana slug, Trevor cooking in the dark, some pioneering, the sunrise, morning flags, and a group photo. And my favorite photo, the one of Trevor and Logan rolling out homemade puff pastry for an apple dessert. In the dark. On a camping trip. Homemade, from scratch, puff pastry. Those two love taking on a crazy cooking challenge while camping.

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