Introducing: Foodie Travel and Food Lovers' Gift Guide

This is the 3233rd post on my blog. Each time I add a new post, it gets harder to find any particular post. Since I post 5 days a week (and have since April 2011), content gets buried quickly. That's where pages come in. 

Pages are static. Unlike blog posts that are only visible on the home page of the blog for five days before they're pushed off by newer content, you can easily get to pages using the navigation bar across the top of my blog. In addition to the home page, there are seven categories of pages:


Each of those has links to anywhere from 1 to 50+ blog pages. These include one of each of the 50 states and individual pages with craft ideas for each of the major holidays, themes, and categories. I'm constantly adding new pages in order to help group connected blog posts together. This is an enormous job, but it's worth it. 

I've recently added two more pages under my FUN WITH FOOD category. There isn't much there yet, but I'll be building them out as I have time. Feel free to check them out. 

As I generate more and more content, it takes more and more time to manage under-the-hood tasks that improve the usability of My Creative Life. I do my best to keep up with broken links, a never-ending task. I think the time spent organizing posts, though very time-consuming, is worth the effort. 

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