Happy Birthday, Jonna!

I've mentioned Jonna many times on the blog. We met in elementary school, we were roommates for two years in college, and she is Trevor's godmother. She's basically family. 

Today is Jonna's 50th birthday and my gift to her is a weekend craft retreat for the two of us. She knows the date (later this month), but that's it. I intentionally wanted to wait until today, her birthday, to reveal where we'll be going. And while a normal person would just announce it in words, I made a scrapbook layout inspired by a planner spread to reveal our destination and weekend plans. 

We will be staying at the Hyatt Place in Davis. It's on the UC Davis campus, where we both went to college. Much of our time will be crafting and relaxing at the hotel, plus we'll venture out to the four campus museums related to art and design. We'll visit the Farmer's Market for lunch and eat at the Dining Commons for dinner. I'm sure we'll talk a lot about how much the campus has changed since the 1990's! I can't wait. 

Happy birthday, Jonna! 


  1. What a wonderful surprise. We are so happy for the two of you. Thank you for loving Jonna. You can never have to many people to love you. Enjoy your time with each other and making more memories. CPK, RK and CPl

  2. I am so excited for our weekend. You are the most amazing friend!

  3. You are the bestest friend! Have a great time with your friend!


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