Clay Rose Wreath for Valentine's Day

I made this rose wreath using air-dry clay and acrylic paint, with Valentine's Day in mind. Now that I'm seeing it on the screen, I'm wondering if I could have used bread dough to make an edible version. I may have to try that! Affiliate links below. 

Clay Rose Wreath for Valentine's Day



I used four 1-ounce packets of Model Magic for my project. You can obviously use more or less clay to make a larger or smaller wreath. I used a blend of colors of Model Magic because that's what I had on hand; painting would have been easier if I'd started with colors closer to what I wanted the finished wreath to be. 

Knead the clay to condition it, then divide it into fourths. Set one portion aside; you'll use it for roses and leaves. Roll the other pieces into long ropes. They should be approximately the same size and thickness. Press them together at one end.

Braid the ropes. When you reach the end, form the braid into a circle and gently press the ends together to make a wreath. Set it aside to dry. 

Divide the remaining clay into four equal pieces. Three will become roses and one will be leaves. For each rose, you'll have four petals. Divide the clay into four balls and roll each flat. Pick up one petal, then roll it up to form the inside of the rose. Pick up the next petal and roll it around the center of the rose. Do the same with the next two petals. If you don't like your rose, smoosh it and start over! 

To make the petals, roll the clay into tiny balls. Smoosh them with your thumb, then gently drag your thumb. This will curl the edges and make a point. 

Let the finished shapes sit overnight. Turn them upside down and let them side until they are completely dry.

Paint the wreath brown, the roses pink, and the leaves green. When the paint is dry, ink the edges of each piece. It's a small touch, but it makes a big difference. Finally, glue the roses and leaves to the wreath. 

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