My Art-Related Christmas Gifts

I am very fortunate to have received a lot of wonderful Christmas gifts from friends and family. These are the art-related items I got. Affiliate links below. 

Strathmore Watercolor and Drawing Pads

I love having plenty of watercolor paper and drawing pads on hand and Strathmore is my go-to brand. I'm low on their 200-series paper, so this is a great addition to my stash. 

Drawing 100 Years of Disney Wonder

I love all things Disney and am so excited to dive into this book! It has step-by-step drawing lessons organized by decade, along with fun facts and anecdotes about all my favorite Disney characters. 

Eric Loves Animals (Just Like You)

I'm a huge Eric Carle fan and always enjoy using his artwork as inspiration for my own projects. This book has a huge collection of Carle's sketches, drawings, paintings, and other artwork. They include his best-known animals, like the Very Hungry Caterpillar, along with lesser-known and never-before-seen characters. The book is absolutely beautiful. 

Stabilo Woody 3-in-1 Pencils

These chunky, water-soluble pencils are so much more than ordinary colored pencils. They color on paper like crayons, but also work on all smooth surfaces, like glass, metal, and plastic. They are deeply pigmented for use on dark surfaces. 

I'll be sharing all of these in more detail eventually, along with some of the non-craft gifts I received. I'm so excited to jump in and create! 

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