Creative Resolutions for 2024

Happy New Year!

It's resolution time! I've been making creative resolutions for longer than I've been blogging. I wish I could go back and see my very first set, but they're long gone. The oldest set I have documented are my 2011 resolutionsIt is fascinating to see how my priorities and focus have changed over the years.

Before setting new goals for 2024, let's look at how I did in 2023. (Spoiler: Poorly. And I'm totally ok with that.)

Of the eight resolutions I made, I completed two and made partial progress on two. 

First, the resolutions I completed: 

I gave myself partial credit for two resolutions:
  • I made 45 scrapbook layouts in 2023. That's seven short of the one-per-week goal, or 87%. Definitely a solid effort. I played along with multiple events at BYSS, so the layouts I did make don't all feature my go-to grid. 
  • I came close to filling my sketchbook. In fact, I probably would have filled it if I hadn't painted over some of the pages that weren't working for me. In late November, I thought about making a last push to fill the final pages, but ultimately decided not to force it. I've learned that, in general, I don't love using a sketchbook. I prefer the freedom to cut paper to the size I want it and for everything to be perfectly flat while I work and later when I scan it.

All four of the resolutions I didn't complete still interest me: 
  • I definitely want to take more painting and/or drawing classes, but I didn't prioritize them in 2023. I plan to in 2024. 
  • I tried multiple times throughout the year to take an edible art class, but couldn't find what I was looking for on a date that worked. (I did take an Italian cooking class as well as a fantastic ramen class, but neither count as edible art.) 
  • I did not make Caldecott-inspired art, but still really want to. I did make art inspired by Eric Carle (and visited The Carle in Massachusetts!) but sadly - and surprisingly - Eric Carle never won a Caldecott
  • My crafty besties and I talked many times about visiting two art reuse stores, but we never found a date to actually do it. We might do this in 2024, but I'm not going to list it as a resolution. 

So why am I (a nerdy A-student type) ok with failing to complete so many of my creative resolutions? There are several reasons, but the main one is that I did a lot of other things I'm proud of. Our family met our goal of visiting all 50 states. We took in our first foster rabbit. I hit a big Duolingo milestone (and became a lot more comfortable speaking Spanish). I did a lot of volunteer work. I attended my first in-person travel conference. I tried speed puzzling for the first time. I've grown as a person and have done a lot of new things, which is the whole point of creative resolutions. 

Here are my creative resolutions for 2024:

Have you made creative resolutions for 2024? If so, please tell me in the comments what you hope to accomplish!

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