Documenting Halloween 2023: Ice Cream Sundae Costume

For Halloween 2023, our family dressed up as an ice cream sundae. Most of our trick-or-treaters thought we were cupcakes. Close enough, I guess!

We spent Halloween with the same friends we usually do, but this year we didn't take a group picture. Or any other pictures, for that matter. So my one and only Halloween layout is about our costume. 

I really like this layout. For one thing, it was fun to use such a non-traditional color scheme. I'm pretty sure rainbow polka dots haven't appeared on any Halloween page I've ever made (including the time we dressed as a rainbow!). In fact, before I added the embellishments, nothing about this page looked like Halloween at all. The pumpkins, bats, witch hat, and candy corn made a big difference. I'm happy to have this layout in the album. 

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  1. Super fun page! Love it when you embrace color. Do more!


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