Another Use for Foam Dots

When I make cards, I frequently use foam dots (affiliate link) to pop up an element on the card. Here's one of many sheets of dots that live in my adhesives basket.  

Years ago, I used to throw out the sheet when I used up all the dots. Then I realized I should save the unused parts to cut apart to make pop-up strips for larger items. Now I've discovered another purpose for used-up sheets of foam dots.

They make a perfect template for rows of Stickles!  Here's a card I made using that technique. Check out the perfectly even dots of Stickles on the background cardstock.

"A friend is a treasure more precious than gold." Happy 30th birthday Courteney!

Expect to see many more dotted Stickles backgrounds from me in the future!


  1. OMYGOSH!!! That is GENIUS!! I loveeeeeee the card you made using this technique! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Not only do I love this idea I also LOVE the card you used doing your idea!!! I wish I had half your creative talent.


  3. How fun! Love your polka dotted card! :)

  4. Is it not slightly awkward getting them out the holes? Do u have a technique for it? I just imagine myself getting really frustrated with it... :-P excellent idea! I am going to try this on my next card. Love your creativity!

    1. Just lift the foam straight up and let the dots dry!

    2. I have always used up the waste from foam dots, but never thought of the idea to use the dots for stickles. Thank you for the tip, I shall be trying that.

  5. This would make it ssooo much easier when working with young people on these projects. Thank you.

  6. I saw this today and I’m cringing at the lost opportunities! Thank you for the tip❤️


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