An Open Letter to Inventors

Dear Inventors of Products for Scrapbookers,

As I've been adding things to my Christmas wishlist, I can't help but notice that some of the things I want most of all do not appear to exist. I'd really appreciate your help. Would you please make the following items in time for the holidays?

*A 12x12 scanner
     I know that you must not think this is cost-effective to make, but I swear to you that thousands and thousands of scrapbookers will buy one.  Please.  If a 12x12 scanning bed isn't feasible, can you at least make one with that's 12 inches in one direction, so I only have to scan twice instead of four times before stitching?  Most scanners already have an 11.5 inch bed- could you just make one 0.5 inch longer?

*Self-sharpening blades on all trimmers and electronic cutters
     I have had a self-sharpening Fiskars guillotine trimmer for years.  It does not get dull.  I love it.  It is incredibly irritating that the blades in my my other trimmer and my electronic cutter get dull so quickly.  Could you please be the one who invents a self-sharpening blade for other applications beyond the guillotine trimmer?

(Self sharpening blade.  Awesome.)

*Adhesive that starts out temporary and becomes permanent over time
     If such a thing exists, I have not found it.  I want to be able to apply an adhesive, put the element down in the correct spot, move it if I make a mistake, and then leave it in place once it's perfect and have it there permanently.  I do not want to use temporary adhesive, put it in the correct spot, then lift it off, add permanent adhesive, and hope I put it back in exactly the right place.

*Ink that can be erased with a special tool
     I love the look and ease of stamping, but hate that it is so easy to mess up a project with my lousy stamping skills.  I want an ink that I can erase if I mess up, but that will stay permanently if I happen to stamp it correctly the first time.  I'm thinking there would be a special tool that would erase the ink so that there wouldn't be any accidental erasing or smearing. 

                                                                                           Cindy deRosier


  1. OH Cindy!! You've got this right!! I am greedy though, I don't just want a 12x12 scanner, I want an all in printer, so I can scan and print 12x12 from one unit. I know I am dreaming but hey we are talking about a "wish" list. :)

  2. I'd like a scrapbook that would hold my children's artwork without trimming it.

  3. Here here Cindy! I like your way of thinking!!!

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  5. Oops- I deleted a duplicate comment but didn't know it would show that I had deleted it. Makes it look like Deb said something inappropriate, which she obviously didn't! Sorry about that.

  6. Anonymous- I scan or photograph Trevor's large artwork. Not the same as putting it in the scrapbook directly, but it allows me to scrap something I otherwise couldn't. Also, Martha Stewart used to make an 18x18 album. You could probably find one on ebay if that's large enough to house the artwork. That would make a neat coffee table book.

  7. I loveeeeeeeeee this post Cindy... and the adhesive I swear by is Zip Dry.... can be moved around for about 2 minutes and then POOF... it's there FOREVER... I use it on EVERYTHING! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. You nailed this one Cindy! With the addition of so many new products every year, I cannot say for sure, but just a few years ago, if you placed something in your scrapbook with removable adhesive, it will become permanent over time. Some mfg's said 6 months and some said a year or two. It doesn't help now, but at least it's good to know the layouts will hold up a little better.

  9. Great list! I'm sure I could add more but my brain can't hold any additional thoughts at the moment!

  10. Good list.... each of these would be money makers for sure!! :)


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