Halloween Wrap-up

As promised, it's time to show you how our Halloween costumes turned out. Recall that Trevor originally wanted us to dress as a knight (himself), a pink-dressed damsel (me), and a blue and green dragon (Steve). You can see his sketches here

Here's Trevor's knight, by far the most successful of the costumes:

He was thrilled with how it all turned out. He loved the 'chainmail' and the tunic and thought I did a perfect job. (I love that he thinks his Mommy can do everything. Apparently he doesn't care about crooked seams!) His sword was just like he wanted. He loved the shield with his version of what he thinks our family crest should be (Trouble with a rose in his mouth, representing the deRosier name).  The costume got a lot of compliments. I made the entire thing for less than $8.

I made a damsel hat to accompany my hand-me-down dress. The dress is a very unusual color, so I decided to paint white fabric to match it, rather than searching (possibly in vain) for existing fabric that matched. I took the dress to the hardware store and had the man at the paint department scan it so I could color-match the hat. He said it was the first time someone had scanned a gown and bought house paint that matched! I painted the fabric (using a pouncing motion to create irregularities to disguise the fact that the color match wasn't perfect), added interfacing, and sewed the hat. Then I used Glue Dots to attach tulle!

Total cost of my costume: about $7 for fabric, interfacing and paint.

It was pretty clear a few weeks ago that I would not be making a dragon costume. We decided that Steve would wear an old Renaissance Faire costume he already owned, plus a crown made by Trevor and me. 

King Steve:

Total cost of Steve's costume: $0. We had all the crown materials on hand.

I actually made a fourth costume. It was for the smallest member of our family and was also made with materials we had on hand. We frequently refer to Trouble as the Wonder Bunny, so I just had to make this:

If you don't have a young child in your life, you may not be familiar with the Wonder Pets. It's a great show. Three classroom pets rescue baby animals in trouble. The theme song is particularly catchy. "The phone... the phone is ringing!"

Trouble did not like his costume. I would put it on him and race to snap a picture before he tore it off. Repeat, repeat, repeat. These are the two best photos:

I think I'll try again sometime. I really want a cute picture of the Wonder Bunny. 

So that's the wrap-up from Halloween '11! While I didn't quite make the costumes Trevor had originally requested, he was very happy with how everything turned out. And that's all that matters to me.


  1. I think all of the costumes turned out wonderfully and now I'm singing the Wonder Pets song. I have to tell you that Trouble's costume is my favorite. LOL

  2. Phenomenal family costumes! I LOVE it when families get in the joyful Halloween spirit and dress up together. And your family certainly gets bonus points for even costuming your sweet furry family member!

  3. Oh my! Your costumes are fabulous!!!! I'm so glad Trouble wasn't left out!:)

  4. These turned out AMAZING!!! And Trouble looks CUTEEEEEEEEEEE! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Precious. These turned out to be absolutely terrific. You are so wonderfully creative. Loved reading this post.

  6. These costumes are fabulous!! Trouble looks like a special SomeBun for sure!


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