"Ask Cindy" - Holiday Gift Giving

Today I begin an exciting new feature on the blog called "Ask Cindy."  In it, I will answer made-up questions that someone theoretically could have asked me, but didn't.  In the event that someone asks me real questions, I'll answer those in a future "Ask Cindy."  Today's topic is holiday gift giving.

Q: Cindy, I need a Secret Santa gift for a scrapbooker.  I don't know anything about scrapbooking.  The limit is $20.  What can I get?

A: An excellent question!  It can be risky to guess what tools a scrapper has, so I always recommend giving consumables.  Any scrapper would love getting an assortment of Stickles or Glimmer Mists.  There are literally hundreds of colors to choose from, so you could give a fun selection of colors and quite possibly not repeat any your scrapper already has.  If you do happen to give her one she already has, it's fine because she probably goes through her favorite colors often.

Q:  Cindy, the scrapper on my list is into the latest and greatest.  Is there a hot new tool this season?

A:  Yes, and it's fairly inexpensive!  I'm seeing the We R Memory Keepers Sew Ribbon everywhere and it is getting great reviews.  It's just hitting stores now, so your scrapper probably doesn't have one yet.  Each is selling around $15 and there are six different designs.  You could pick up some cute rolls of ribbon and put together a gift a scrapper would love to get. 

Q: Cindy, the scrapper on my list has mentioned several paper manufacturers that she likes, but the names don't mean anything to me.  There's no scrapbook store near me, so is it ok if I just go to my local HugeMart and buy some random paper?  I mean, paper is paper, right?

A: NO!  All paper is NOT created equally.  Please do not assume that your scrapper would want random paper from the HugeMart.  She might, but if she's mentioned certain brands, she'd appreciate receiving those.  There are many excellent places to shop online, including scrapbook.com, which has an easy search feature that allows you to type in brand names.

Q: Cindy, can you recommend one go-to tool that would make a great gift?  

A:  You can't go wrong with a punch from Fiskars.  The quality is outstanding and their customer service is incredible.  I am very picky about what punches I'm willing to store in my limited space.  I use Fiskars' Scalloped Border Punch constantly! 

Q: Cindy, I would like to buy you a gift.  Do you have a wishlist somewhere?

A: Well yes, and thank you so much for asking!  I maintain a wishlist at scrapbook.com.  I also put scrapbook items on my Amazon.com list.


  1. Nice job of hinting! Love, Mom

  2. I hope Steve reads your blog! Great list. Love the answer to Hugemart. So true!

  3. I'm laughing at the last bit about your wishlist. I'm guessing your husband and your Mom read this blog? LOL Great answers Cindy! I totally agree with all of them.


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