Vacation Planning Folder

When I opened my latest package from the wonderful ladies of Flamingo Scraps, I was thrilled to find the Heidi Swapp 'No Limits' collection and the Studio Calico 'Abroad' Wood Veneers - my #1 pick from the CHA Winter tradeshow! 

The timing of the package couldn't have been better.  My parents are taking us on a Hawaii cruise toward the end of this year, and quite a few family friends are coming too.  We all got together recently to share tips, coordinate our shore excursions, and plan details.  I desperately needed a place to store all of the paperwork and information for our trip.  The 'No Limits' file folder would be perfect.

I wanted to dress it up a bit to make it say 'Hawaii', but I wanted to be able to use the folder for other vacation planning once the Hawaii trip had passed.  I decided the solution was to use an old-school library pocket.  I used a bunch of stamps and ink to match the style of the folder.  Here's the Before and After:

Next, I made a card to fit in the pocket.  I started with a blank white background and added two scraps of orange paper.  To hide the seam, I used a strip of white and blue, accented with a sticker from my stash.  I used a pen to color the Hawaii wood veneer blue, attached it to the card, and added a title.  After I took this picture, I filled in details, like the dates and names of our traveling companions on the top section.  The bottom section can hold special memories after the trip.
Here's how my vacation planning folder looks now!

When the trip is over, I can easily remove the card and create a new card for whatever trip we plan next.  And I can save the Hawaii card for use on a layout or keep it as it is as a momento from the trip.

What do you think?!


  1. That's awesome!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee this idea!!!!!!

  2. TOTALLY FABULOUS!!!! What a wonderful use of this collection and those adorable wood shapes!!!! I just knew you would do something wonderful with this collection!!! Suzanne

  3. First off, CONGRATS on getting to go to Hawaii. That sounds like SO much fun Cindy. Looking forward to seeing your pages when you get back!

  4. LOVE this!! I'm currently hoarding my sets of those wood shapes ;) LOL


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