Glass Marble Magnets

So, I had this idea to make glass marble magnets.  (Click here to see a zillion examples: glass marble magnets.)  I've seen at least a hundred tutorials for them and I see the finished marbles everywhere.  However, being me, I decided to ignore the way every single person who made a tutorial said to make them.  

I decided to make mine with Stickles instead of using a paper image.  I've never seen anyone make them that way.

Trevor and I put a big glob of Stickles on the back of a glass marble, then gently set a magnet into it.  We repeated this with a bunch of other colors, then let them dry thoroughly.

My concern had been that the Stickles wouldn't be strong enough to hold the magnet in place. I did not anticipate this problem: 

For some reason, the Stickles seeped out from under the magnet during the drying process. Darn.  Time for a different technique.  This time, we put the Stickles on the marbles and let that dry overnight.  The next day, we added a second layer of Stickles and gently placed the magnet on top.  After another night of drying, we checked on them.   
Definitely better, but you can still see the magnets through the Stickles if you look hard enough.  Plan C is to apply the Stickles and back it with a piece of matching cardstock (in other words, use the paper technique that everyone else has used in their tutorials, but try Stickles first).  I'll let you know how it turns out! 


  1. Wow... I have never seen this before!! Way cool!!!!

  2. Love how sparkly these are! Cool! :)

  3. I think these look GREAT. I love the sparkle too!

  4. I think they are awesome Cindy. The last set looks good to me. I can't wait to see what they look like with the cardstock too.


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