Paper Scrap Fish

One of my (many) quirks: I have no problem touching spiders, snakes don't bother me one bit, and I find rodents charming, but I don't even want to be in the same body of water with a fish.  The thought of touching one totally freaks me out and the idea of eating one is completely revolting.

Yet, I do think that many fish are quite beautiful.  Our bonus room is decorated with tropical fish art because my husband is a major fish aficionado (say that 10 times fast!).  But even before I met Steve, I did quite a bit of fish art with my students each year.  I dug out my old classroom samples, which were a bit faded.  So I made some new fish to share with you! 

Part of what I love about this project is that it uses scraps.  (We scrapbookers find immense pleasure in using up scraps.)  You need 6 strips of 1x12-inch paper.  They can all be the same, or you can use two different colors.  I'd recommend using two different colors the first time you try this. Once you're confident in the technique, then you can switch to a single color. You'll also need scissors, craft glue, and a googly eye.
Fold all six strips of paper in half.  Interlock 2 strips (one of each color) as shown.

Add the next strip of paper by weaving it under the upper half of the folded strip and around the lower half of the folded strip. 

Weave the third strip the same way as the first.  You should have the beginning of a checkerboard pattern.

Do the opposite for the next strip.  

Weave the final strip the same way as the first strip.  Push all the strips tightly together. Because they are interlocked, they will hold together.  Check front and back to be sure that there is a checkerboard pattern on both sides.

Cut off the middle strips flush to the edge of the checkerboard.

Glue down all the edges.

Make diagonal cuts on all four remaining strips.  They can be straight or gently curved. 

Add a googly eye and your fish is done!


More fish art coming soon...


  1. I'm with you on the distaste of fish... ugh... but I ALWAYS loveeeeeeeeee paper fish!!! Yours are awesome!!!!

  2. These are adorable. Another great craft!

  3. Love your paper fish. Thanks for the tutorial. SuZ


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