A Birthday Layout

Here's another UFO that was sitting on my desk partially done for a really long time.  

Months ago, I'd adhered the pictures to the cream cardstock and chosen the blue and confetti patterned papers.  I'd left the upper right section empty, with plans to divide it horizontally once I decided on my title treatment.  The title would go on top and journaling would be underneath.  

And then I noticed that the "Happy Birth Day" sticker would make a great title.  This meant dividing the section vertically instead of horizontally.  And that meant that the space I'd planned for my journaling wouldn't work anymore.  Which is why it was sitting on my desk undone.

I debated where to squeeze in the journaling and even toyed with hidden journaling. Eventually, I settled on the location on the left.  I added the star to bring attention to both the journaling and the accent photo.  

So glad to have that off my desk and into the album!


  1. This is FAB!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee the colors, the photos and loving the little present!!!

  2. It turned out really great! Perfect colors and that title sticker is awesome!
    I had to laugh, I have so many UFOs on my desk, and under the desk, and in the basement,... I should stop here LOL

  3. I really admire people that can keep more than one project in progress. I have to finish one completely before starting another. I'm a little OCD. LOL I love the finished page! The star does a wonderful job drawing attention to the journaling.

  4. Such a sweet layout! Love the Happy Birthday sticker!:)

    P/s: You could consider writing your journaling along the border of the layout. It's subtle and doesn't take away from the design.


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