Trouble's Birthday Party

We have a rabbit named Trouble, who we adopted in June 2011. He turned two on Monday.
Last year, Trevor and I had great fun planning Trouble's first birthday party. We made cards, wrapped gifts, and baked Bunny Biscuits (for him) and carrot cupcakes (for us). It was a really fun party. This year, we planned an equally fun party. We made cards and wrapped gifts.  

We made Bunny Trail Mix - dried strawberries, dried bananas, dried apricot, raisins, Shredded Wheat, rolled oats, and Cheerios.  

When it was time for the party, we took the Guest of Honor to the backyard. He noticed the Bunny Trail Mix right away. (Note that we only gave him what you see on the plate. Even that was more of a treat than he should have in a day. Good thing birthdays are just once a year!)


Then he retreated under Trevor's chair. 

Trevor took the opportunity to eat all of the leftover Bunny Trail Mix.

Next, Trevor showed Trouble his cards.  Here's the one he made.

And here's what I made: 
Trouble sniffed his first present, but didn't attempt to open it.  

Trevor opened it for him. It was a new paper towel tube (Trouble loves to play with tubes) with a portrait Trevor drew rolled up inside!

Trouble tossed the second gift around a bit.

It's a harness so that we can eventually teach Trouble to do rabbit dressage. (Not for competition- just for fun in the backyard. There are some ADORABLE videos on YouTube, by the way...) 

Trouble's harness fit well, but he HATED it. This was the only picture where he wasn't actively trying to remove it. Not surprising, considering last year's Wonder Bunny Halloween costume.  

"Phew!  Got that awful harness off!"

Trevor spent the rest of the party reading books to Trouble. They both really enjoy reading together. 
Happy 2nd birthday, Trouble!


  1. Happy birthday Trouble!! What a fun day for him!!!

  2. That is AWESOME!!! :) We usually have a few special treats for my dog's birthdays, but we've never had a party. I always think about getting our friend's pups all together at the dog park and making a canine-friendly cake with milk bones around the outside for a doggie birthday party ... but it never happens, LOL. Happy Birthday, Trouble!!! :)

  3. Awww. Happy Birthday, Trouble! People tend to scoff because we throw little parties for our dogs, but I think it's great fun to celebrate your animals' special days. Love all the fun pics.

    (And now I can't get that Wonder Pets song out of my head. Thanks a lot!!)

  4. OMG so totally cute!!! I love this! I think it's so great that you do that!
    We had a little party for my daughter's hamsters the day they turned 1 (they died before their 2nd b-day). And we plan on having a little party for her kitten, Panini, when she turns 1 next year! On that day she will get a can of tuna instead of just her normal cat food.
    We have never had parties for our dogs because we inherited them and have no idea when their birthday's are!
    BTW - we have thos same patio chairs! :0)

  5. Awwww...you are great pet owners! Trouble must feel so special and loved! :)

  6. You must rate right up there as one of the best moms ever! I don't know too many moms who would do that for their kids. It looks like Trevor had a wonderful time! Even if Trouble did not enjoy his harness, you certainly did your part to make sure he had a wonderful birthday party.

  7. Rabbit dressage?! Now that's interesting! I loved reading all about Trouble's birthday.


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