Yea, October!

I really like October 1st.  It marks the day that I can definitely put out my Halloween decorations without seeming weird.  It's also the start of my annual Halloween crafting. Here are some of my favorites from last year.

Dressed-up Halloween candy:


Stay tuned for more Halloween projects!


  1. We put ours up yesterday... I don't have many... just enough to make the kids happy!! LOL!!!

  2. I didn't even think to put my Halloween decorations up! I'm off to do that now! Yay!!! Your projects are awesome as always.

  3. LOL, one of my friends LOVES fall and Halloween so much!! It's also her birthday month! She doesn't own a Christmas tree, but has 6 boxes of Halloween decorations! She put out her annual front porch display this weekend, too!

  4. Oh these are so cute! Definetely going to do the paper plates with my 3 yr old!

  5. My hubby's favorite holiday is Halloween and today is his day off. I am guaranteed to come home to a decorated house!!! I'm glad he's into decorating for the holidays because I don't have time to add anything else to my agenda plus he is much better at it anyway!
    I have orange plates at home. I think my daughter would love to make those pumpkin plates!

  6. Ooooh....These are sooooo cute! Happy decorating!:)


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