Stamping, Stickers, and Stripes

Here's my layout from the two days we spent at the Solano County Fair in August.  Other than the title, everything is from Pink Paislee's Declaration collection.

There are a few features on the layout I'd like to point out.  First, notice that I stamped the title words "County Fair" DIRECTLY on the layout.  I almost never do that, since the possibility of messing up is fairly high when it comes to me and stamps.  Not only that, but it was the absolute last thing I did, meaning that if I messed it up, there was no scooting things over or transferring the whole thing to another piece of background paper.  Fortunately, the stamping came out just fine.

Second, notice the tickets on the left hand side.  They are stickers that came with the collection and say things like "Music Fest" and "Drive-in Theater."  Neither of those fit my fair theme, so I carefully tucked the stickers under the focal photo so that the words were hidden.  

Finally, take a look at my journaling strips.  I didn't have an extra sheet of the background paper and couldn't cut a big enough piece from behind a photo to make journaling strips like I usually would.  None of the paper in my stash coordinated acceptably, so I found the only other paper in the collection that had the same off-white... the B side of this paper, with the diagonal stripe.

I carefully cut the paper on the diagonal to free the off-white portion of the stripe pattern and used that.  Worked like a charm!


  1. I loveeeeeee your lo!! LOVING those tickets and the photos!! And loving your process on how you did your lo!!!

  2. great idea w/ the tickets and kudos to you for stepping out of your comfort zone w/ the stamping!

  3. It does seem to have a little more on it than your usual layouts. But it looks fabulous. :)

    P/s: My stamping is never perfect.

  4. Fun layout. I like how you made your journaling strips...very creative. I always mess up stamping and when do words I use my little individual letters and usually make them kittywampus on purpose.

  5. Oh, looks like a VERY successful year at the fair. Congrats to the whole family. Sweet layout. I like all the things your pointed out. Creative on the journaling strips!!


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