Three Kinds of Time

Sometimes I feel like there are three different kinds of time in my life: 1) Real Time; 2) Blog Time; and 3) Scrapbook Time.  Allow me to explain.  Back in June, I told you about Trevor's LEGO party.  His party was on Sunday, June 3.  That's Real Time.  I blogged about the party over the course of four days:

LEGO Cake - Monday, June 11
LEGO Party - Games and Activities (Part 1) - Tuesday, June 12
LEGO Party - Games and Activities (Part 2) - Wednesday, June 13

That's Blog Time.  Blog Time differs from Real Time by a week or two.  I write all of my posts at least two days before they run and usually closer to two weeks before they run.

There are several reasons for this.  The main reason is that a lot of what I do is for sites other than my own blog.  The various companies and individuals I design/write for have specific dates that my posts need to run.  I can't run a project I made for someone else on my own site before it runs elsewhere.  Another reason I blog ahead of time is so that I can write as many posts as I'm inspired to do when I'm in the mood to write, then feel no pressure to blog when I'm not feeling as inspired.  The final reason I write ahead of time is so that posts continue to run when I'm on vacation.  I'm not comfortable announcing to the world (via nothing on the blog for days on end) that we're away from home. 

But then there's Scrapbook Time.  I completed the layout about Trevor's LEGO party on Wednesday, October 17... more than 4 months after it happened.  Hence, Scrapbook Time. (I'm typing this on October 17 as well, but this post won't run until Monday, October 29. Another example of Blog Time.)  

I don't really care that Scrapbook Time is 4+ months after Real Time.  While I totally admire those people who have a party, print the pictures, scrap the layouts, and blog about it before the rest of us would have even cleaned up from the party (I'm looking at you, Julie Tucker-Wolek!), I have no problem with scrapping things well after they happened.  (More on that here, where I wrote about being "caught up.".)

Anyone else relate to Real Time vs. Blog Time vs. Scrapbook Time?


  1. I hear you on the times :) I have stuff scheduled on my blog all the way through to 11/29 :) And it's stuff I probably made in Sept and Oct :) I love love love the lo!! LOVING all the photos, the angle and loveeeeeee the big "6"!!!!

  2. YES, I totally relate!! My sense of different Times varies between projects, but I'm trying to get better about it!! :)

  3. Wow! That's a whole lot of time to keep track of!
    I still haven't learned how to correctly schedule my blog posts ahead of time!
    BTW - love how you mentioned Julie, LOL!

  4. Totally with you on this. I have spare posts and projects for lull periods. I usually scrap about an event within a week or two of it happening but sometimes the inspiration for the post comes much later.

    Fun fabulous layout! Love that it's angled....and the little tassels! :)

  5. I am so with you on all of the times. I think that's why there are never enough hours in the day! LOL I'm running on three different time frames.

  6. Your page turned out super cute. I loved that party and all your fun ideas.


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