Toothy Pumpkins

More Halloween art!  This time it's some toothy pumpkins.  

I first saw pumpkins like these on artsy_T's Flickr page.  She has so many fun ideas.  I think we might do these Witch Legs next.

To make Toothy Pumpkins, you need construction paper, scissors and glue.  

We started by cutting out eyes from white construction paper, then cutting black pupils. Trevor needs practice cutting round items freehand, so this was a good place to start.  Next we cut mouths from black, and used the scraps from the white to make teeth.  We glued the pupils and the teeth in place.  Next, we cut orange paper to make the pumpkin and mounted it on a blue background. 

The final step was adding a green stem.  Trevor used some of the extra green to add some grass.

We each made a second pumpkin.  Here's mine.  It reminds me of a Pacman ghost for some reason.

And here's Trevor's second pumpkin.  He used his scraps to make a carrot.  
And here is Trevor with his own toothy, goofy look.

All four Toothy Pumpkins hanging on our wall.  The two on the left are Trevor's and mine are on the right.  They make me smile every time I pass by them.

So easy and so much fun!


  1. These are sooooooooo fun!! I loveeeeeeee them!!!

  2. So cute & fun! I love that Trevor thought to use the scraps to enhance his pumpkins with grass and a carrot. That creativity is so charming!

  3. Oh so fun! Thanks for sharing!!! My kids will love this!

  4. Hehe....these are sooooo cute! :)

  5. Fun project...love that pic of T holding his...toothy!

  6. OMG too cute! i have to get my daughter to do some of those! She's 10 but loves being crafty (hmmm...wonder where she got that from)!

  7. Me and my 5year old had a great time making these crafts..


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