3 Papers, 7 Cards

When I get together with friends to scrapbook, I almost never actually do any scrapbooking.  I have a very hard time putting layouts together while chatting.  In fact, I can't even scrapbook with music or podcasts on in the background.  For whatever reason, scrapbooking takes my undivided attention.  

Cards don't.  I can work on cards while I talk, with music on, etc.  So when I get together with friends, chances are good I'll be making cards.  The last time we got together, I decided to make as many cards as I could from three coordinating sheets of Doodlebug paper that I'd recently unearthed.  The copyright date on them was 2002 and they had a notation of "Acid-free, lignin-free and laser friendly!" next to the date.  I have no idea what laser-friendly means.
As we chatted, I whipped out 7 simple cards before I ran out of paper.

It took well under an hour to make all seven, I used up some alarmingly old paper, AND I had a great time chatting with my friends.  Awesome!


  1. Laser friendly??? Hmmmmmm... maybe laser printers?? I know those were huge when they came out. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee your cards!! LOVING the colors!!!

  2. Laser friendly does mean laser printers. Some papers will warp or get stuck in a laser printer. Worst case, some things can actually burn or melt in a laser printer, and can damage the printer. You should never use coated photo paper ment for ink-jet printers in a laser printer.

    BTW: I love the new look!

  3. It's so funny, I have the same papers!!! :) It's hilarious how old they are and how things have changed in the scrapbook world! I love your cards, too. These would make a wonderful set for a gift! :)

  4. Isn't it amazing how the trends change?! :) I love these cards and that paper!!! So productive too!! :)

  5. Alarmingly old? How old is that? LOL I really love all of these cards. Great job Cindy!

    1. I consider 11 year old patterned paper to be alarmingly old... for paper. :)

  6. All of your cards look great. I always need music playing when I scrapbook but I'm really slow even slower when I'm chatting with friends.

  7. I agree with Julie - Laser friendly may mean that the papers are friendly for a laser printer???? I really like how you always give us little tidbits! And, I love how you used your old patterned paper from your stash to make all of these wonderful cards! Lucky recipients!!!!!


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