Cardstock Koala Puppets

Trevor and I have been brainstorming projects for the letter K. (Click to see the rest of our A-Z crafts.) We decided to make koala puppets. Not only would puppets be fun, but "Make a Puppet" is one of Trevor's Cub Scout electives. Perfect!   

To make a koala puppet, you'll need grey and black cardstock or construction paper, scissors, glue, and a black marker. We used an awesome double-sided 12x12 mottled-grey cardstock that is dark grey on one side and light grey on the other. I wish I knew what brand it is, but I don't.

Fold your grey paper in half, then use the scissors to round off the top.    

Open up the paper and make a "candy cane" of glue on one side. Obviously, it is important not to put glue anywhere else or you won't end up with a functional puppet.

As the body is drying, use the grey scraps to make a light grey belly, two dark grey outer ears, and two light grey inner ears. Cut a black nose.


Glue all the pieces in place, then use the pen to add eyes and a smile. Here's Trevor's:

And here's mine.

We're making great progress - only three letters (J, U, and Y) left on our list!


  1. Love love loveeeeeeeeeeeee!! Tooooooooooo cute!!!

    And ps ... she didn't get 'the tini original' ... she just kept piling it on her frozen yogurt -- whatever looked good she grabbed as a topping! LOL!!!

  2. Absolutely adorable, Cindy! I am going to make a puppet with Anne now! Thanks for the inspiration! She wants to make a panda bear puppet!! Woohoo!!

  3. So, so, SO cute!! Can't wait to see what you do for the rest of those letters and I hope you post a summary of them with the cute Trevor pics when you're all done! :)

  4. I swear, when homeschool starts next year I'm coming here for project ideas. LOL Both of the koala puppets turned out wonderfully.


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