Using Wordle

Have you heard of Wordle? It is a free tool for creating “word clouds” from text. You type in the words you want to use (or copy/paste from a blog post, song lyrics, poem, etc) and the tool generates an image. The words that appeared most frequently in your text are larger in the Wordle. You can change the font, colors and layout of your Wordle, then print it to use in a wide variety of projects.

During last summer's MOMS Club banquet, we played a game where we each receive a packet of words printed on small slips of paper, then drop the words one by one into the jar of the person that word best describes.  More than half the attendees put the words creative, resourceful, artistic, talented and ethical into my jar.  Many said I was smart, determined, organized, confident, and ambitious.  (Not a single person dropped the words fashionable, easy-going, or spontaneous into my jar... and with good reason.)  It is a really fun game.  I LOVE learning how others see me and how it matches up with how I view myself.

After my words had been sitting on my desk for 8 months or so, I realized my words would make an awesome Wordle.  What do you think?


Here's how I scrapped the same game from the previous year's banquet.

It's fun to see the two layouts together.  I like the visual impact of all the individual words side by side, but the Wordle is much easier and faster to read and process.  

Have you ever used Wordle?  What do you think of it?


  1. Very cool!!!! I need to check that site out!! LOVING your cloud of words and loveeeee how you divided the tag on the bottom and top!!

  2. I love Wordle! I've used it a time or two. I also really like your game ... I'd be scared to play though, who knows what people might say about me, LOL! :)

    1. All the adjectives on the sheet are positive, so there's no worries. :)

  3. Oh yes. Wordle is fun. Love it as a main design element on your layout!

  4. I would say to be described as: creative, resourceful, artistic, talented and ethical is a pretty wonderful thing! I love your wordle. It's so colorful and fun and made for a great page.

    I have used Wordle a couple times. I used it once to state my goals for the year. I also made one with Cory's first 50 words, making his first 10 words the biggest in the Wordle. But I never did scrap that one. It's still languishing in my to-do pile. Thanks for the reminder to pull it out!


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