The Most Horrifyingly Awesome Art Project, Year 3

Steve and I are both graduates of the University of California at Davis.  As proud Aggies, we make it a priority to attend UCD's annual open house, Picnic Day.  Picnic Day is SO amazingly cool.  Each department opens their building for an activity, show, craft, or project related to their field.  This year, we built and drove robots, did a huge variety of multicultural crafts, attended the Materials Science Magic Show, did tie-dye, watched several dance performances, visited the police and fire departments, used a tool to remove popcorn kernels from dried corn, did a taste test of honey, and tackled a rock-climbing wall.  And we made this:

If you've been reading my blog from the beginning, you might recognize it.  If not, go here to find out how we made this masterpiece.

Each year, we show Trevor the schedule and map and ask what he wants to do at Picnic Day. It's only a one-day event, but there are enough activities that you could spend 2 weeks and still not see everything.  It's hard to prioritize, since there is just SO much cool stuff.  It's so hard to decide whether to do old favorites or try new things, so we end up doing a combination of both.  But no matter what else is on the schedule, there is one thing that Trevor insists on doing.   



I can't believe that anything involving maggots has become a cherished family tradition, but somehow it has!  Horrifyingly awesome, right? 


  1. I love that you included the past 3 years pics in here ... look how much he has GROWN!!! WOW!! This event sounds AMAZING!!!

  2. I love Picnic Day and especially for that reason... there is so much to do that you cannot possibly do it all! I didn't even know about the Maggot Art station until I saw it on your blog! :) I spent 99.9% of my time participating in the marching band events -- the parade and the battle of the bands. I've also managed to make it to the doxie races and the quad for food. Guess I need to get around more next time I go!! :D

  3. Grossly adorable?! ROFLOL I think this year's project is my favorite.

  4. Well ... it's a tradition, obviously! :) LOVE that you've documented each year with a photo!


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