Pumpkin Party 2014

Last weekend, we went to my sister's house for the (Sort Of) Annual Pumpkin Party, which is always a ton of fun. This year, there was no required object, but all our designs had to fit the Disney theme. We could carve as a family group (which we did) or as individuals (which everyone else did). 

Trevor and I did a bunch of brainstorming ahead of time and decided that we'd make Pumpkins of the Caribbean. We sketched out a design, made a cool-looking sign (aged by crumpling the paper, burning the edges and smearing it with chalk) then dug out all the props and materials we'd need. Here's what our completed pumpkin looked like: 

It was a joint effort. I cut off the top, Trevor and I pulled out most of the guts, Steve cleaned it thoroughly, Trevor sketched the face, then I carved the face, painted silver on the teeth, and made an eyepatch from craft foam. We all worked together to arrange the props. It was fun to work together; last year, Steve was on a business trip and missed out on carving with Trevor and me. 

It turns out we weren't the only ones to do a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. My dad carved this awesome ship. More than once, he and I have come up with similar concepts or designs for the Pumpkin Party.

My mom made Olaf.

My sister made a Dole Whip. It's filled with pineapple ice cream.

My brother-in-law made Dumbo (who is apparently a Giants fan).

The winner (as determined by each one of us grading every entry on a scale of 1-10) was my nephew's version of Tuck and Roll from A Bug's Life!

As the party was ending, we discussed several possibilities for next year's theme, including another Disney theme, anything animation-related (which could include Disney), and animals (which could also include Disney). We won't know which of these, if any, is chosen until next year's party is scheduled. 


  1. Amazing as always! I'm impressed Trevor helped clean out the pumpkin. And don't you know that this time of year (especially in even years) everyone is a Giants fan! ;-)

  2. oh my golly these are soooooo fun!
    we are making a decorated pumpkin tonight. my oldest has a book report due and their project was to create the main character using a pumpkin. we are going to have fun tonight

  3. You are one creative family! All very impressive-looking pumpkins!

  4. OMYGOSH!!! These are all so fun!! I loveeeeeeee your family's pumpkin and those winning ants are AWESOME!!!!!!!

  5. These are all adorable!! I just love all your family traditions! Thank you for sharing them with us, and allowing us to be part of the fun, too! :)

  6. All of the pumpkins are AMAZING! But I LOVE Olaf so the pumpkin version of him is the clear winner to me! :0)

  7. Love this so much!! What great pumpkins!! :)


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