Kleenex Box Critters

Trevor came home from school the other day with an unusual square lump in his backpack. He'd brought home an empty Kleenex box and he couldn't wait to show it to me. "Mommy! I used the last Kleenex at school and decided to bring the box home instead of recycling it! I have a GREAT idea for a project!" He squirreled it away until he had collected two more, then announced it was time for me to learn how to make his projects (by then he had two ideas).

Materials: square Kleenex boxes, Sharpies, scissors, tape, Kleenex

Kleenex Box Bunny:

Select the Kleenex box with the color and pattern that best resembles a bunny. Draw eyes, nose, whiskers and mouth using Sharpies. Open up a different Kleenex box and use it to cut two long ovals to make the bunny's ears. Fold each ear about one inch from the end to create a flat surface to attach it to the main box. Next, take a clean tissue and wad it up to make the bunny's tail. Use a loop of scotch tape to attach it.

Kleenex Box Quail

Select a Kleenex box and draw eyes on it. Use the scraps from the bunny's ears to cut a triangular beak. Fold it in half and tape it in place. Then cut out two matching wings and a topknot for the quail. Tape them in place. Done!

I love it when Trevor teaches me how to do a craft.


  1. These are AWESOME!! Trevor rocked it!!!!!!!!

  2. How precious is this (and Trevor)!

  3. LOL, this is cute. He is a chip off the ol' block.

  4. I love them! So cute! You did such a great job raising your boy Cindy!

  5. Oh my goodness! :) There is no doubt that Trevor is 100% all yours! :) I adore the posts with his crafts and instructions!! So clever and well put together. Way to go, Trevor!!


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