43 New-to-Me ... #29 Sunflower Seed Butter

The 29th food in my 43 New-to-Me challenge was Sunflower Seed Butter. I've had a lot of different nut butters over the years, but I'd never even known that sunflower seed butter was a thing until they tasted it on Spilled Milk. So I went looking for it and found it without too much effort. 

My friends (Janelle, Linda and Evangeline) and I tried it on plain crackers and were a bit underwhelmed. It tasted exactly like sunflower seeds, but desperately needed a bit of sugar and/or salt. We tried it with a tiny bit of grape jelly spread over the sunflower seed butter and that made all the difference. Yum! I rated the sunflower seed butter on its own as a 7. Janelle, Linda and Evangeline all gave it a 5. We all agreed that it was greatly improved with a little bit of jam. I tried it later on an English muffin and a sprinkle of salt and it was excellent. I'm not going to have any problem finishing the jar (unlike some other new-to-me foods that are lingering in the fridge...)

When I went to make the layout, I remembered that I had a piece of photo-realistic sunflower paper from eons ago. I glued my photo, title and journaling to a dark brown mat. I placed the mat on the sunflower paper and snapped a quick picture. I repeated this three more times, rotating the background paper 90 degrees each time. Here are the four different versions. Which would you have chosen?

I eliminated Option A first. I don't like the way there is a blank space in the bottom right corner. It looks off-balance. Option B was out next. It seems a bit top-heavy, plus the sunflower to the left of the number is competing with it. I debated between Option C and Option D. Ultimately, I thought one of the two did a better job of drawing the eye where I wanted it.

That choice was Option C. I like the sunflower center that sits directly above the title, drawing the eye in and forming a visual triangle with #29 and the large sunflower center on the bottom right. 

I should mention that Janelle took that photo of me a good 5 minutes after I started stirring the sunflower seed butter, trying to work the oil that had separated back in. It was hard work! I'm storing the jar upside down in the fridge now so I don't have to spend that kind of time stirring in the future!


  1. I loveeeeeee this page! LOVING the sunflower paper!! And I actually would have chosen "A" ... I liked how the top left flower was standing out!!!

  2. Interesting..I would have chosen D.

  3. We have sunflower seed oil here, too, and we have the same problem! Stirring the oil is hard work!!! LOL!!! Did storing it upside down help? And I am with Julie - I originally picked "A," but like "C" too, and LOVE your layout!


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