New Responsibilities at Fun Family Crafts

It's been a year (to the day - weird!) since I last blogged about my jobs. Not much has changed with my Scrapbook.com job. I'm still writing product descriptions, both creating text for new products just entering the store and improving the copy on existing products. From item to item, it's either very easy or very difficult, depending on how familiar I am with the product and how thorough the information the manufacturer has provided.

In contrast, my job at Fun Family Crafts has continued to change and grow. When I started in December 2012, my job was essentially to find and/or write kids' craft tutorials. For a little over a year, I've been going through all the submissions we get and deciding if they are appropriate for our site. If so, then I rewrite as necessary to clean up the text, add the image, tag it with search terms, and schedule it, making sure to balance submissions to reflect seasonal interest, different ages, etc. At the beginning of the summer, my boss (the amazing Amanda Formaro) asked me to take on a few more responsibilities. In addition to what I was already doing, I am now going through all the tags on the site to clean them up, then creating round-ups of crafts by theme or material. Like any new task, it was overwhelming at first, but now it's my favorite part of my job. 

The first round-up I did was Minion Crafts. After cleaning up the tags, I chose my 10 favorite projects submitted to Fun Family Crafts, wrote about each project, linked it to appropriate site and then created a graphic. It was hard picking just ten. Minions are so cute!

Next up was Egg Carton Crafts. My goal was to show as many different uses for an egg carton as possible among the ten I highlighted. And even though there were some very cute versions among our 60+ crafts, I skipped right over the expected caterpillar crafts and chose more unique projects.

Then Back-to-School Crafts. I was really surprised to see that we have over 400 on Fun Family Crafts! 

Next, crafts made with rice or Rice Krispies. I chose five of each to highlight and it was tricky narrowing it down. There are some really cool rice crafts!

It took quite some time for me to separate out all the sewing (vs. no-sew) projects at Fun Family Crafts. But now the tags are all cleaned up... at least until someone submits something incorrectly again, which happens pretty often. We have more than 300 sewing projects for kids.

Making the Hat Crafts round-up was a lot of fun. I was surprised how many edible hats we had, like the baseball cap pinata cookies and the cowboy hat cupcakes below.

We also have a lot of Star Wars CraftsSigh.

Every once in a while, I choose one of my own projects as part of the top 10, like the bear pet rock in this Rock Crafts for Kids round-up.

I really enjoyed putting together this round-up of Pirate Crafts for Talk Like a Pirate Day.

I'm working on more round-ups to tie in with special days, seasons, and holidays, as well as ones based on specific materials used. You can see all of our round-ups here and our Special Days compilations here. There is something for everyone! Which reminds me... if you ever need a craft and can't find an idea here or at Fun Family Crafts, just let me know. I'm happy to see what I can design. I do love a good challenge!


  1. Well... you gotta know that i love the Minion crafts!! Or I am sick of them yet as I have created a TON for Brookie's upcoming birthday party?!?! LOL!!!

  2. You are a very organized person so this job is perfect for you. It's awesome that you are making it easier for people to search for what they need.:)


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