CHA Registration

Registration for the Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show opens today and I am so excited!

The show isn't until January, but I've been making plans for months already. Even though it will be my third time attending the CHA show, it's my first time registering on Day 1, which should greatly improve my chances of getting the classes and workshops I want. Last year, my CHA membership didn't go through until mid-December, so many of the classes I wanted had been full for months. 

I've been pouring over the Show Preview Guide, trying to fit in everything I want to do. As is always the case, I'm going to have to do a lot of prioritizing, as some of the most interesting and/or useful classes for me conflict with each other. Why is it always like that?! 

Here are some of the classes I'm planning to take:

SEO and Blogging...What the Heck is Google looking for?
If you are blogging, having a content calendar and posting strategy are not enough to make it onto the first couple of pages of Google. What is Google looking for anyway? In this session, Theresa Cifali and Ann Butler will share the top 7 things that Google wants to see on your blog, what that means and how it effects your rank. They will also share strategies to improve your posting, as well as tools to help you achieve your goals.
Google Marketing Boot Camp: SEO, Analytics and AdWords
In three hours, we’ll cover the basics of search engine optimization, analytics and AdWords. This intensive session will help you boost your web presence in organic search results, help you understand who is visiting your site and help you navigate paid advertising on Google. We’re going to cover each topic for about an hour with the goal of showing you what’s critically important to know and giving you the fundamentals of how to approach each area using real world examples.
Weave a Ring on a Mini Loom
Create a beaded ring using Clover’s Mini Beading Loom. Learn how to warp the loom, weave beads, remove the ring from the loom and understand finishing details. Take home the Mini Beading Loom and material needed to complete the project to make it again with customers in your store!
Attract Opportunity: Jump Start Your Brand!
In this action-packed hour, learn how to boost your brand and blog to become a go-to site for general market readership. Kathy will share her personal, successful tactics for attracting new business opportunities, time management, time boxing, brainstorming content, working with general market brands, social media reach, personal branding, media kit and more. This is a seminar for those who are serious about strategizing a creative roadmap for their business and are ready to put in the time to take action. Bring a pen and paper to take lots of notes!
Working With Bloggers
Learn about why you should work with bloggers, best practices, and how bloggers can compliment your marketing plan in this panel discussion. Panelists will be from various sectors of the industry, from experienced bloggers to manufacturer representatives who work with bloggers.


As you can see, most of the classes I'll be taking revolve around blogging, branding, and other business-related topics. While not as fun as hands-on crafting workshops would be, they're arguably more important to get me where I want to be and certainly areas I need to strengthen. Besides, I'll be spending 3 full days on the show floor doing make-and-takes at every booth that offers them. No shortage of crafting for me during CHA 2016!


  1. How EXCITING!! I probably won't make it again this time, as it is only a few weeks after Brian comes home from his overseas trip :(


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